Thursday, 16 May 2013

Miswak Benefits for us

My Dear Islamic Brothers! There are many Sunnan in Wudhu and Sunnah has its own benefit. Take the example of the Miswaak. Every child knows that using the Miswaak in Wudhu is Sunnah and what can one say about the benefits of this Sunnah! A businessperson once visited Switzerland and said, ' I met a new Muslim and I gave him a Miswaak as a gift. The new Muslim became happy. He took the Miswaak, kissed it, and then placed it on his eyes. Tears started to stream from his eyes. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket, unfolded it, and took out a tiny Miswaak, which was approximately 2 inches. The new Muslim said, 'When I embraced Islam, I was given this as a gift, I was using it with great care and now it nearly finished and I was very anxious. Allah has showered his mercy and you have gifted me with a Miswaak'. Then he added, 'I had a continuous infection in my teeth and gums and the dentists had no cure for it. I started to use the Miswaak and after a few days, I felt better. I went to see the doctor who was very surprised to see that I was cured. The doctor said, 'you cannot be cured in such a short period of time with the medication I gave you. Just think carefully what you have used.' I thought carefully and remembered that I had become a Muslim and recently started to use the Miswaak and due to using the Miswaak, I was blessed. When I showed the Doctor the Miswaak, he was greatly amazed by this.' 

My Dear Islamic Brothers! The Miswaak has many benefits for this world and the Hereafter. The Miswaak has many natural minerals, which prevent the teeth from any infections. Hazrat'e Ali(R.A), Hazrat'e Sayyiduna Ata' (R.A) and Hazrat'e Abdullah bin Abbas(R.A) state that, 'Miswaak strengthens a persons memory and eyesight, cures headaches and relieves the veins in the head, it gets rid of plague, keeps the person life healthy and helps digest food, increases intelligence, helps increase the family lineage, old age comes late and strengthens the back.'