Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tomb of Baba Mian laal Noshi

Hazrat Mian baba Laal Noshi Qadri is a Great Awliya Allah. This tombs is near Sialkot International Airport. he is famous wali allah of sialkot. This tomb is in Hambokay Village.Every year held a (mela) festival on his tomb. Mela, This is a Urdu Language word. 


Beautiful Wallpapers of Shrine
nice walls of darbar
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Sialkot International Airport

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Friday, 27 June 2014

baba pairo shah majra kalan

A beautiful Shrine of Hazrat Baba pairo shah sarkar in majra kalan.
Village of Sialkot.

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darbar in majra kalan

darbar majra kalan

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wallpaper of Ramzan 2014

Sixty Thousand forgiven every night

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn masud has narrated that the beloved and blessed prophet has stated,'At every
night of Ramadan, an announcement is made in the skies till dawn,'O seeker of goodness! Complete (i.e keep worshipping Allah) and rejoice, and O evil one! Give up your evil and take some lesson. Is there
any seeker of forgiveness, his desire will he fulfilled? Is there anyone repenting, his repentance will be
accepted? Is there anyone making Du'a, his Du'a Will be accepted? Is there anyone who seeks anything. he will be given what he wishes for? Allah frees sixty thousand sinners from hell each evening of Ramadan at the time of sunset, And on the day of Eid He forgives as many people as the total number of those freed trhoughout the month.
(Ad-dur-rul-Mansur, PP, 146, vol, 1)

A beautiful wallpapers of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak, desktop wallpaper download for you pc. 

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Madni Muzakra Gujranwala

Dawat e Islami Ijitma in Gujranwala 21 June 2014, 23 Shaban ul Muazam, A beautiful Snaps of Ijtima. Ameer ahle sunnat hazrat allamah maulana abu bilal muhammad ilyas attar qadri razavi & Nigran e Shura Haji Imran Attari Live from Bab ul Madina, Fazine Madina Karachi-Pakistan. 
Madni muzakra gujranwala 21 june 2014

Gujranwala Ijtima live Madni Muzakra

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ameer ahle sunnat live on ijtima

global gathering
gathered people in gujranwala

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21 june 2014

Gujranwala ijitima dawateislami

islami bhai on ijtima

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dawateislami ijtima
Gujranwala Ijtima nice seen