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hand washing benefits in life

In Wudhu, the thans are washed first and there are many benefits. People hold many things in their hands causing bacteria to spread and grow on the skin. If the hands are not washed during the day, there is a possibility of getting many types of skin diseases;-
1) Heat spots
2)Itchy skin
4)Bad skin
5)Change in the skin colour etc.
When we wash our hands, rays come out from the tips of our fingers and create a circle around out hand and due to this; our inner electrics come into motion, which makes our hands more beautiful.

Miswak Benefits for us

My Dear Islamic Brothers! There are many Sunnan in Wudhu and Sunnah has its own benefit. Take the example of the Miswaak. Every child knows that using the Miswaak in Wudhu is Sunnah and what can one say about the benefits of this Sunnah! A businessperson once visited Switzerland and said, ' I met a new Muslim and I gave him a Miswaak as a gift. The new Muslim became happy. He took the Miswaak, kissed it, and then placed it on his eyes. Tears started to stream from his eyes. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket, unfolded it, and took out a tiny Miswaak, which was approximately 2 inches. The new Muslim said, 'When I embraced Islam, I was given this as a gift, I was using it with great care and now it nearly finished and I was very anxious. Allah has showered his mercy and you have gifted me with a Miswaak'. Then he added, 'I had a continuous infection in my teeth and gums and the dentists had no cure for it. I started to use the Miswaak and after a few days, I felt better. I went to see the doctor who was very surprised to see that I was cured. The doctor said, 'you cannot be cured in such a short period of time with the medication I gave you. Just think carefully what you have used.' I thought carefully and remembered that I had become a Muslim and recently started to use the Miswaak and due to using the Miswaak, I was blessed. When I showed the Doctor the Miswaak, he was greatly amazed by this.' 

My Dear Islamic Brothers! The Miswaak has many benefits for this world and the Hereafter. The Miswaak has many natural minerals, which prevent the teeth from any infections. Hazrat'e Ali(R.A), Hazrat'e Sayyiduna Ata' (R.A) and Hazrat'e Abdullah bin Abbas(R.A) state that, 'Miswaak strengthens a persons memory and eyesight, cures headaches and relieves the veins in the head, it gets rid of plague, keeps the person life healthy and helps digest food, increases intelligence, helps increase the family lineage, old age comes late and strengthens the back.'

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Depression is on the rise in the western countries and more mental asylums are becoming full with patients. Psychiatrists are always investigating cures for depression. A Pakistani psychiatrist who holds a diploma in Western Germany states, 'A seminar took place in Western Germany on a cure for depression without the need of medication.' A doctor attended this seminar and surprised the audience by saying that he was treating his patients by making them wash their face 5 times a day and within a short period of time the treatment started to have an effect. He then treated another group of patients by making them wash their hands, feet and face 5 times a day and they also started to recover from their illnesses. At the end of the speech the doctor said, 'I confess that fewer Muslims suffer from depression as they wash their hands, face, and feet many times in a day by performing Wudhu.'

A heart specialist says with importance that those who have high blood pressure should be made to perform Wudhu and most definitely, the blood pressure will become normal. A Muslim doctor says, 'The best cure for depression is Wudhu.' Western doctors treat their patients by placing water on some parts of their body, which is just like Wudhu. 

While performing Wudhu, the body parts are washed in a certain order and there are many benefits regarding this. When the hands are washed first, the nerves become aware of the water. Slowly, the effects travel to the face and the veins of the brain. The one who washes his hands first during Wudhu followed by rinsing of the mouth and sniffing of the nose, then washing the face followed by the rest of the body parts is saved from becoming paralysed. If the individual starts Wudhu by washing his face and neck first, he/she will have many illnesses.



It is stated that once a king went hunting but was left behind by his companions. While looking for his companions, the king spotted a weak and unhappy young man who was examining some human bones. The king asked, "How did you become like this and what are you doing in this deserted and frightening place all alone?" The young man replied, " I'm in such a state because I have a long journey ahead of me. Two Angles which have been appointed over me (in the form of day & night) are after me and are scaring me and making me run forward. Meaning that whatever days and night pass, they are taking me closer to death. Ahead of me I see a dark grave full of pain. Ah! Soon I will be left in it to rot and burn. It will be full of discomfort and worries. There I will become food for insects, my bones and their joints will be taken apart. This isn't the end though, after this there is also the Day of Judgement which will be more ferocious. After all this I don't even know whether I will be sent to Heaven or Allah (az'zawajal) forbid into Hell. You tell me, how can somebody who knows all this live so happily and safely?" After hearing this, the king was gripped by sadness and grief. The king got off from his horse and sat in front of the young man and said, " Oh young man, your words have snatched all my comfort and have taken my heart in their control. I want to know more." The young man said, " These bones that you see collected in front of me are the bones of such kings who fell into the trap of this world. They themselves conquered people, whilst arrogance conquered their hearts. These people stayed ignorant of the Hereafter. All their desires are left unfulfilled and their blessings stopped. In the graves, their skins have burnt and rotted away whilst their bones have been left unneeded and separated from each other. Soon, their bones will gain life and will again be covered with flesh and they will receive according to their deeds either a house of blessing ( Heaven) or a house of torment (Hell). After saying this, the young man disappeared and the king couldn't find him anywhere. When the servants found the king they saw his facial expression of emptiness and big tears flowing down his cheeks. When the night came, the King took off his luxurious clothes and wrapped himself in two blankets and went into the jungle to do the worship of Allah (Az'zawajal). After this time nobody heard form that King ever again( rahmatullahi ta'ala alaihima).
(From Books Bones of  Kings) 

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Sayyiduna Anas(R.A) narrates that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, 'Whoever, in the sacred months, fasts for 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), will receive virtues of 2 years of worship.' (Majma'uz Zawaaid, V3, P438, Hadith 5151, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut)

Once, Sayyiduna Isa(A.S) passed by luminous mountain that was sparkling with light. He(A.S) said to Allah, 'Oh Allah! Bless this mountain with the power to speak. ' The mountain spoke and said, 'Oh RoohAllah(A.S) What do you desire? ' He(A.S) replied, 'Tell me your state. 'The mountain said, ' A person lives inside me. ' Sayyiduna Isa(A.S) said to Allah, 'Allow me to see him. ' The mountain split open and a very beautiful pious man emerged from it.  This   pious 

man said, 'I am the follower of Sayyiduna Musa. I supplicated to Allah that He lets me live until the time of His Beloved Messenger (PUBH) so that i may receive the honour of seeing him and also be privileged of becoming his follower. Alhamdu-Lillah! I have been busy worshipping Allah inside this mountain for 6oo years. ' Sayyiduna Isa asked Allah, 'Oh Allah! Is there anyone on this earth dearer to you than this person? Allah answered  'Oh Isa! Whoever, form the Ummah of Muhammad (PUBH) fasts for a single day in the month of Rajab, he is dearer to me than this person. ' ( Nuzha-tul-Majaalis, V1, P155)

Sayian Hussain Badshah Bajwat

Shrine of Hazrat Baba Sayian Hussain Badshah Bajwat Sialkot-Pakistan.

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Hussain Badshah

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Near bhadar shah tomb

Shrine of Hazrat Qanbeet(A.S)

Tomb of Hazrat Qanbeet(A.S) BARILA SHREEF
Mostly Says Hazrat Qanbeet(A.S) is GrandSon of Hazrat Adam(A.S).

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Eid Milad Un Nabi 2013 Majra Kalan

Eid Milad Un Nabi 2013 Majra Kalan Sambrial, 

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