Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shab e Barat 2014

A beautiful Images for Shab e Barat 2014.

The Holy Nights of Islam

The imaginary picture. This is not the original. Tried to design it according to the hadith has. In which it stated that Fifteenth night of shaban as in this night the names of those destined to die that year, provision of sustenance of people and the names of those who shall perform hajj(that year) are inscribed.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Smile is Sadaqah

This image is about of smile. In this image has been showing a beautiful view of freshness with beautiful Hadees. In this Hadees is a lesson for us. Lesson for love. Lesson for brotherhood. lesson for righteousness. lesson for help other brothers. Islam is a beautiful religion.  Islam teach us! how we can live better in our society. 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Islam is a Religion of Peace

Are Muslims terrorists?

It is very unfortunate that nowadays, Islam has become synonymous with 'Terrorism'. Far from promoting terrorism, Islam is a religion of peace whose fundamentals teach its followers to maintain and promote peace and justice throughout  the world. Islam does not condone 'terrorism' as defined and understood nowadays: plane  hijackings, hostage takings and the torturing and killing of the innocent in order to achieve political or even religious goals. This is not how Islam teaches Muslims to solve their problems, achieve their goals, or to spread their religion.

The question that should be posted instead is: Do the teachings of Islam  encourage terrorism? Certainly not, Islam totally prohibits all terrorist acts. It should be remembered that all religions have elements of misguided followers. To be impartial and just, one must consider the teachings of the religion, as they are the yardstick by which the actions of its adherents can be assessed as being right or wrong.

It is completely unfair to judge Islam by the wrongdoings of some misguided or ignorant Muslims, or by the deteriorating condition of Muslims and the blatant corruption that pervades the Muslim world. In fact, What Islam preaches is one thing and what some Muslims nowadays practice is something completely different.

The only way we can do justice to Islam is to find out about its noble teachings, which are clearly set out in the Glorious Quran and Blessed Prophetic traditions.

Islam is a religion of peace, Which is acquired by submitting ones will to the will of the supreme Creator, Almighty Allah. 

Islam promotes peace but at the same time, it exhorts its followers to fight oppression. The fight against oppression may, at times, require the use of force, and sometimes force has to be used to maintain peace.  Certainly, Islamic Law allows war under particular circumstances. Any religion or civilization which does not do that, would never survive.

But Islam never condones attacks against innocent people, women or children. Islam also clearly forbids' taking the law into Ono's own hands', which means  that individual Muslims cannot go around deciding what they want to do by killing or punishing. Trail and punishment must only be carried out by a lawful authority and a qualified judge.

Red Rose

Red Rose

Friday, 23 May 2014

Wallpaper of Rainy Day

Wallpaper of Rainy Day

Green Wallpaper

Green Wallpaper

Death and the Grave

Death is when the soul comes out of the body. Everyone has to die. Nothing can save one from death. The time of death is fixed for everyone. Nothing can delay it. When a person's life is ending, the angel Izra'eel comes to remove the Rooh (Soul) from the dying person. When the dying person looks to his left and to his right,
he sees Angels of Punishment come to the Kaafirs (Disbelievers).

A Muslim's Soul is taken out with ease and respect by the Angels of Mercy. A kaafir's soul is taken out with great pain and disgrace.
When someone visits a grave, the souls see the person, recognize him or her and listen to what they are saying. They can even hear the footsteps of the visitors.

Faith in The Holy Books

Faith in the books of Almighty Allah

All the heavenly books are true and whatever Almighty Allah has said through them, is to be believed in. However, due to distortions, their originality has been brought into question. The preservation of these Holy scriptures was entrusted to their respective followers, and rather than preserving the books in their memories and on tablets, the books suffered alterations. The outcome was that these books could not be relied upon to be the same as when they were originally revealed and those who had vested interests altered the words and letters to change the meanings in order to make them conveniently suit their personal interests. They even indulged in addition and deletion in accordance with their whims and fancies. This kind of distortion in respect of the scriptures is called "Tahreef".
It is there fore advisable that when we come across anything mentioned in previous scriptures, we would accept it only if it is in conformity with the Magnificent Quran. But if it is contrary to the Holy Quran we should deem it to be an outcome of "Tahreef". In the case of confusion over a thing being consistent or inconsistent with the Glorious Quran, we should neither accept those things immediately nor should we deny it outright, our stand in such cases should be cautious.

The Glorious Quran, the Last Testament of Almighty Allah

Almighty Allah sent down many Holy Scriptures through many
Prophets. Four of them are the most famous.
1. The Taurat (Torah) revealed to Prophet Musa.
2. The Zabur (Psalms) revealed to Prophet Dawood (David).
3. The Injeel (Bible) revealed to Prophet Isa.
4. The Glorious Quran revealed to our Beloved Prophet Sayyiduna Muhammad(PUBH) the seal of the Prophets. There is no scope of any superiority or inferiority as far as the Holy word of Almighty Allah is concerned. However, the Holy Quran stands out to be the most rewarding.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Faith in Prophethood

 Faith in Prophethood

For Muslims, it is essential to know about the prophets and their virtuous qualities as it is essential to know about the supreme being and the Attributes of Allah, Most Exalted. It is also essential to have a sound knowledge about prophethood so that one may avoid wrong notions and misleading beliefs and avoid uttering anything that may amount to degradation of the Prophets. 

The Prominent Prophets of Almighty Allah

Allah, the Most High, sent down may Prophets for the guidance of mankind from the time of Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad. While some of them have been mentioned specifically in the Holy Quran, many others have not figured in it. The prophets who have been given prominence in the Holy Quran are: Prophet Adam, Prophet Idris (Enoch), Prophet Nuh (Noah) Prophet Hud, Prophet Salih, Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), Prophet Ismail (Ishmael), Prophet Ishaaq (Isaac), Prophet Lut (Lot), Prophet Ya'qoob (jacob), Prophet Yusuf (joseph), Prophet Shu'aib, Prophet Ayyub (job), Prophet Musa (Moses), Prophet Harun (Aaron), Prophet Dhul Kifl (Ezekiel), Prophet Dawood (David), Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon), Prophet Zakariya (Zecharia), Prophet Yahya (John), Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ) and the leader of all Prophets Sayydiuna Muhammad. 

How many Prophet

It is not advisable to put an exact figure on the number of prophets sent down by Allah, The Most Wise, for the guidance of mankind because the opinion on this point differs. The safest way is to believe and say that Allah sent more or less 124,000 Prophets.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Faith in Almighty Allah

Faith in Almighty Allah

To be a Muslim, One has to express his or her firm faith in Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah), Most high, and the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah, Most High, is one. There is no partner in his divinity, His works, in his commandments and in His names. Allah is 'Waajib-ul-Wujood' which means that his existence is necessary at all times. He is Eternal (al-qadeem) and everlasting (al-Baaqi). None but Allah, Most High, is worthy of limitless praise and adoration. He is dependent on no other. On the Contrary, everything in the universe is dependent on him.

The Knowledge of Almighty Allah's Being is beyond all imagination and comprehension. It is indeed impossible to comprehend his supreme being by using any amount of wisdom, presentation, intellect or intuition because He is beyond imagination, unbound by any limit. It is only possible to imagine something when it has a definite and circumscribed shape or form. But since Allah, Most High, is formless, unbound and unrestricted, any attempt to visualize Him is impossible. However one can come to know of the existence of Allah the Most High, through human reason and contemplation of His Creations.

Allah, Most High, is neither a father nor a son of anyone; nor has he any spouse. Those who consider him as a father or a son are disbelievers.

Allah, The most high, all perfections are gathered in him. He is pure of all that is impure, defective, cruel, impertinent and indecent. The presence of any drawback and shortcomings in his being is totally impossible.
Telling a lie, deceiving, misappropriation, savagery, ignorance, gracelessness and many other detestable things like these, are absolutely impossible as far as Allah, Most high, is concerned. Allah, Most Exalted, is free from all confines of time and space, places and directions, forms and shapes and all those things that
resemble any creation.

It is only the beloved prophet Muhammad(PUBH) who saw Allah with his physical eyes on Mi'raaj.
As far as other prophets are concerned, they saw Allah, Most High, Only in meditations and dreams. It is reported that Imam Abu Hanifa, The great Jurist Imam, had the divine vision of Allah, Most Exalted, more than a hundred times in his dreams.

Allah, Most High, is the Absolute sovereign: free to do whatever, Whenever and however he Wills. No one can have any control over him. Nor can anyone distract him from his intentions. 

Allah Most high, Neither dozes nor sleeps. He watches over all the worlds. He is never tired, nor is he ever bored. None other than almighty Allah is the preserver of the universe. He is more tolerant, benevolent and loving than parents.

His mercy and benevolence provides comfort to broken hearts. All the glories and greatnesses are for Allah.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Angles Ask for Forgiveness
Sayyidatuna Umm-e-Ummarah has reported, "The Prophet of Mankind, The peace of our heart and mind, the most Generous and kind(PUBH) visited my home and i served some food in the blessed court of the Holy Prophet (PUBH). He (PUBH) said to me, 'You eat too.' I replied that i am observing fast. The prophet of Rahmah (PUBH) said, 'As logn as the food is eaten in from of one observing fast, the angles keep on asking forgiveness for him. (Sunan-ut-Tirmizi, vol.2, pp. 205, Hadis 785).